Monday, September 28, 2009

End of September

There is a lot coming up for the chorus!
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday), September 29th, 4pm, Chorus Room: small parents meeting to talk about FL spring competition trip
  • All County pre-rehearsals at NHS from 2:45-4pm
    -Mon 9/28, Tues 9/29, Thurs 10/1
  • Official All County Chorus rehearsals start this week! @HILLSIDE HIGH
    -Thurs, 10/6, 6-8pm
    -Tues, 10/6, 6-8pm
    -Thurs, 10/15, 4-9PM BRING DINNER
    -Sat Oct 17th: All day rehearsal, Concert at 7pm @Hillside!
  • NEXT CPA MEETING: Thursday, October 8th at 7pm in the NHS Chorus Room
    -We will be discussing fundraisers (Pancake Breakfast), concert, costumes,
    Florida, and more!
  • Students in Blues in the Knight and Knight Sounds should be selling chocolate and magazines for our current fundraiser! Half the money that they raise will go towards their personal chorus account, which will ultimately help pay for their trip to Florida!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The first CPA (Chorus Parents Association) meeting will be tomorrow night (9/10) at 7pm in the Chorus room (A3). You may enter through my door down by the bus lot and teacher parking lot. I hope to get everybody out of there within 30 minutes.

Topics of the evening will include:
1- Fundraising (chocolate, jewelry, pecans, pancakes, baskets, etc)
2- Costumes
3- Chorus Calendar/ explanation of "optional" chorus events
4- Parents and Why We Love Them (tickets, bake sales, transportation, support, batteries, sound board for concert week, advertising, recording, supervision, printing/folding programs, and being smart and beautiful/handsome)