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Northern Choral Department
Volunteer Form

Northern High School's Choral Department has a long tradition of exciting performances.  Quality shows require time, financial support, effort and YOU!!! 

Phone Number____________________________________________

Student’s Name___________________________________________

Please check all of the following areas for which you would like to help:
____ Treasury support (help with receipting and tracking accounts)
____ Communications support (delegate and communicate with   parents about events and volunteer needs)
_____Student Fundraisers(delivery, sorting, distribution)
____ Other Fundraisers (bake sales, raffle baskets, etc.)
____ CD/DVD/ticket sales during performances
     _____Backstage/technical support during performances
          _____Uniforms (fitting and distribution)
         ____ Help organize or chaperone choral events and field trips
         _____Other ___________________________________

_____ I am unsure exactly how I would like to help, but please include my email address above on the “Parent Volunteer Email List” so I can be aware of opportunities to assist the Northern Chorus


Donations Needed!
The Northern Choral Department needs your help!  Due to our limited budget, any of the following supplies or funds you can donate will greatly help improve the quality of learning and performing for the Northern Chorus.

Supplies  - Turn these into Mrs. Hayek at your earliest convenience!
-9 by 12 manila envelopes (for storing music)
- boxes of Kleenex (to prevent germs)
-hand sanitizer (to prevent germs)
- tennis balls, used or new (for rhythm activities)
- blow-up balloons (for breathing exercises)
- exercise stretch bands, used or new (for vocal activities)
- bottled water (for dress rehearsals and concerts)
-notebook paper

Financial Support
Be a sponsor of the Northern Chorus!  Please return this form with a check payable to NHS Chorus if you are able to make a donation.  This money will go towards buying music and other resources, as well as allow us to participate in music competitions and other events. 

___Friend $20.00 - $50.00 -- mention in all programs/one ticket to a concert
___Sponsor $50.00 - $100.00 – above, and two tickets to a concert
___Patron $100.00 - $150.00 -- above, and three tickets to a concert
___Benefactor $150.00+ -- above, and four tickets to a concert

(The above mentioned tickets does not include the Holiday Concert)

Sponsors’ name(s): ________________________________________

Student name: _____________________________________________

Amount donated: __________________________________________

Thank you for supporting the Northern Choral Department!