Friday, April 2, 2010

For all chorus students going to Florida...

NHS Chorus at Festival Disney 2009

Parent Meeting! April 13th, at 7pm in the NHS Auditorium. All students going to Florida MUST attend this meeting and bring a parent/guardian. We will be filling out required forms, getting last-minute packing reminders, reviewing trip rules and policies, and going over the itinerary. Bring medical information, insurance policy number, allergy/med information, and all emergency phone numbers. If you cannot make this meeting, you must schedule a time to talk to Ms. Fitz with your parent/guardian. You will not be allowed to go on the trip otherwise. We will go over trip details and perform our competition music for our captive audience!

April 14th: 7:30 - 8:30pm - rehearsal with Katie Cole, our Florida accompanist. This will be our last chance to rehearse before we leave for Florida!

April 14th - 18th: Festival Disney! We will be leaving at 9pm on the 14th and returning at 9pm on the 18th.

Suggested Packing List:
____Clothes for the 1st day (take on bus, we will not go to hotel before going to park) you will NOT be able to get in your suitcase until that evening.
____DVDs for bus (PG13, no R)
____ Sunscreen!!!!!
____Water bottle
____Jacket (it’s cool and windy at night and it may rain)
____Casual clothes (dress in layers, shorts for daytime)
____Comfortable walking shoes (you will be doing a LOT of this)
____Sleeping clothes
____Black chorus dress with proper undergarments (MAKE SURE IT IS HEMMED)
____Hair/makeup for performance
____Closed-toe black shoes
____Tuxedo with proper BLACK socks (please dry clean)
____Black dress shoes
____Extra batteries/chargers for electronics
____Spending money for dinner on our way home
____Spending money for souvenirs

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