Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January: Exams, EOE, Pecans, Florida and DVDs.

We still have leftover pecans. Please order some!

  • 6 bags of chocolate left, $10/each
  • 9 bags of cinnamon left, $10/each
  • 11 bags of pecan caramel clusters left, $9/each
  • 12 bags of glazed left, $9/each
Florida announcements:

  • The next Florida deposit for girls in Blues in the Knight is $100, due January 10th. (The entire $450 is due by February 15th) Please contact me if you need to set up a payment plan.

  • The first Florida deposit of $250 for those in the Men's Chorus planning on traveling to Florida is due by Friday, January 28th. Remember, paying early and paying in full is always an option :) (The entire $450 is due by March 1st at the absolute latest)
DVD information!

  • DVDs of the fall concert "Free at Last" are available for $10/each.

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