Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Concert Time Change

No CPA Meeting tomorrow night. Please email me instead:

Fall Concert Schedule:
Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov 2 and Nov 3 Rehearsals for Fall Concert, 6-9pm
Thursday, Nov 4 Dress Rehearsal for Fall Concert, 6-9pm
Friday, Nov 5 Fall Chorus Concert 6pm (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: NOT 7:30). Students need to be in the auditorium at 4:30pm.

Volunteers Needed for our Fall Concert on November 5th.
____ Bake Sale Items- from all parents! Please send them with your child at 4:30- their call time for the show.
____ Bake Sale Workers (during intermission) (need at least two)
____ Ticket Takers/Sellers (need at least two)
____ Help at Evening Rehearsal Tuesday 11/2, 6-9pm (need at least two)
____ Help at Evening Rehearsal Wednesday 11/3, 6-9pm (need at least two)
____ Help at Dress Rehearsal Thursday 11/4, 6-9pm (need at least two)
____ Helping Joe Zajac with Mics/Sound- Tues-Fri. *Please help!*
____ Transportation/ Taxi Service? For kids who need rides home from rehearsal. I would love to have a parent who can take kids to neighborhoods around the old Walmart (Old Oxford Hwy type area).
____ Any connections with advertising (newspaper, etc)
____ Any connections with DVD/CD recording

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the NHS Fall Chorus Concert!

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